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Percival p baxter

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Taxes and Farms. Maine address of Percival P. Baxter , governor of Maine at the seventh annual convention of the assessors of Maine, November 13, Baxter, Governor, at the dedication of the state memorial to the sailors and soldiers of Maine; Kittery, November 11, Hakola, John W.

Papers, bulk Baxter, governor of Maine, , and donor of the land for Baxter State Park; these were presumably used by Hakola in his book about the park. Obama, Barack. August 24, Rolde, Neil.

Percival P. Compiled and annotated by Howard R. Bangor, Me. Friends of Baxter State Park. Soares, Liz. Mount Desert, Me. Windswept House Publishers. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Post comment. Skip to content.

Baxter, Percival P. Baxter courtesy Maine State Museum. Baxter courtesy Maine State Archives. Bust of Governor Baxter in the State House. He graduated from Portland High School in , and graduated from Bowdoin College with honors in While at Bowdoin, Baxter founded the school's literary magazine, The Quill. He later earned a law degree from Harvard University in , though he never opened a legal practice. He went into the family real estate business in Portland. He had seven siblings. However, he was to inherit the bulk of the family fortune.

When Baxter was governor he donated a large parcel of forest land to the people of Maine, which became Baxter State Park. He said "Man is born to die. His works are short-lived.

Buildings crumble, monuments decay, and wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all its glory forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine. Baxter was also a fierce opponent of the Ku Klux Klan of Maine , which supported the career of his political nemesis and successor Ralph Owen Brewster.

Baxter's history is intertwined with Baxter State Park , which bears his name, and with Mount Katahdin , Maine's highest point the highest knob on Katahdin is called Baxter Peak. In Baxter went on a fishing trip to the area around Katahdin for the first time.

In the Maine Proprietors Association had urged the state to turn that area of the Maine woods into a state park to attract tourists. In a bill was introduced to turn the region into a U. National Park but none of the plans came to fruition. In Baxter began his campaign to make the area a state park. In he led a group of politicians up Pamola Peak, traversing the Knife Edge to the summit now known as Baxter Peak.

Maine is famous for its twenty-five hundred miles of seacoast, with its countless islands; for its myriad lakes and ponds; and for its forests and rivers. This park will prove a blessing to those who follow us, and they will see that we built for them more wisely than our forefathers did for us. Baxter in turn deeded the land to the state with the proviso that it: "shall forever be used for public park and recreational purposes, shall be forever left in the natural wild state, shall forever be kept as a sanctuary for wild beasts and birds, that no road or ways for motor vehicles shall hereafter ever be constructed thereon or therein.

Baxter was to continue to attempt to add property to the park often running into opposition from those who did not want to sell or making temporary trade offs to allow continued timber operations before the land acquisition was completed. Baxter, saying he did not trust the federal government, resisted efforts to turn the park into a national park. He placed various restrictive covenants on the park so that today it is not actually part of the Department of Conservation, the body that administers the state's other parks.

Rather it is administered by the Baxter State Park Authority. In Baxter, at the age of 87, donated his 28th deed. The park now comprises square miles km 2. Baxter's term as Governor coincided with the rise of the Ku Klux Klan as a force in Maine and national politics.

Although Baxter was an ardent foe of the Klan, it found a foothold in the Maine Republican Party through the influence of state senators Ralph O. Brewster, Mark Alton Barwise , Hodgdon Buzzell , and others, who sponsored bills in the early s which would have cut aid to parochial schools, thus creating a 'wedge issue' between Maine's Protestant and Catholic communities.

Brewster succeeded Baxter as governor in In , when Brewster ran for the U. Senate, Baxter publicly denounced him as a member of the Klan, helping to ensure the victory of incumbent U.

Senator Frederick Hale. In , Baxter joined a number of his Bowdoin classmates and travelled to Bath, Maine , where the Democratic candidate for president, William Jennings Bryan , was scheduled to speak.

Baxter and his crew were so raucous that they were arrested. Although Baxter's confederates pleaded guilty, the future Governor fought the charges with the help of his father, Portland Mayor James Phinney Baxter , and managed to have his record expunged.

In Baxter donated Mackworth Island to the state. He also deeded his summer home in Falmouth, Maine to create the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf founded in from what was the Maine School for the Deaf , which still operates today.

Baxter was known for his passionate devotion to animals, and for his commitment to the humane treatment of animals. When his dog, Garry, died while Baxter was governor, he ordered the flag at the State House lowered to half staff, which angered some veterans' groups.

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Dec 3, Percival Proctor Baxter (November 22, June 12, ) was the 53rd Governor of the U.S. state of Maine who served from to Early life Baxter was born . Percival Proctor Baxter (November 22, June 12, ) was an American politician and philanthropist from Maine. The son of canning magnate and Portland, Maine mayor James Phinney Baxter, he served as the 53rd Governor of the U.S. state of Maine from to A noted philanthropist, he See more. We're continuing the mission started by Governor Percival Baxter in The mission of the Percival P. Baxter Foundation for Maine's Deaf and Hard of Hearing children is to benefit, .