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Medical director amerigroup texas shawde scott highmark

Medical director amerigroup texas

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The team will work with each to maximize opportunities and enable success, including identifying business needs, finding and vetting relevant partners, defining success metrics, addressing policy hurdles, enabling data sharing, defining health outcomes and collaboratively crafting new payment methodologies. Partners will regularly and collaboratively review results, and plan for payment models based on outcomes to support the program at scale after the demonstration period.

Ultimately, the intent is for payer partners to transition to longer-term funders. This project is designed to help older adults with diabetes better manage their disease at home, thus improving overall health and decreasing the need for expensive and preventable emergency room visits and hospitalization.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are already delivering specially made meals and providing essential human connection to more than 5, of their neighbors in the Austin area. For this project, the Factor Health team will assess the impact of incorporating additional home health assessments, such as measuring glucose levels and conducting depression assessments, as well as referrals and other services that provide real-life support. This project is focused on supporting youth who have experienced family trauma, such as separation from parents and family due to incarceration and deportation.

Depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies are common among this group, as is self-medication with alcohol and drugs. In an effort to help reduce associated and long-term medical needs, the Factor Health team will support Youth Rise Texas in expanding, scaling and evaluating outcomes for a peer-facilitated, learning and leadership curriculum focused on improving mental health for a group of approximately teens.

Factor Health leaders understand that long-term success involves building real-world programs that deliver measurably better health outcomes at scale. Beyond the launch of Factor Health in Austin this summer, the program team is already working to connect organizations, payers and investors in the Houston area.

In an effort to increase consumer access to high-quality and affordable care, Amerigroup and CareMore Health have announced that Amerigroup has added CareMore to its preferred list of care providers for all its Medicare Advantage MA plans. The innovative model by CareMore employs solutions that have been proven effective for improving health for patients with complex health needs.

In September, Amerigroup and CareMore Health announced the launch of their partnership in Texas to expand care options for Amerigroup Medicaid consumers.

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To take advantage of this benefit, consumers can simply log on to livehealthonline. Visits with psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists require appointments, but can also be conducted 7 days a week, including on nights, weekends and holidays.

It is a solution when people have to shelter in place or when they have been displaced in times of crisis. Also, this benefit comes without having to worry about out-of-pocket costs or unexpected medical bills. To learn more about LiveHealth Online or to register and access telehealth services, consumers can visit livehealthonline.

Get the latest state-specific policy intelligence for the health care sector delivered to your inbox. Register Upcoming Conference. It also expands options for accessing behavioral health resources, which may be hard for Medicaid patients to find or access.

After each LiveHealth Online session, a summary of the visit is created and can be forwarded by the patient to their primary care doctor in order to support continuity of care and collaboration among health care providers.

It is a solution when people have to shelter in place or when they have been displaced in times of crisis. Also, this benefit comes without having to worry about out-of-pocket costs or unexpected medical bills. Read the full press release here. Tags: American Well.

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May 30, †∑ Management Services department. Amerigroupís Texas regional vice president medical director is responsible for the daily oversight and operating authority of utilization management activities in Texas. That position reports to Amerigroupís Texas health plan president and chief executive officer, who has final authority and. Dr. Cealee Thomas, Medical Director, Amerigroup Texas. Supportive pregnancy care connects expectant parents with access to clinical care from licensed professionals, education from prenatal experts, and social support from other participants. It gives pregnant people more time with their health care providers than they normally would have. WebAmerigroup works with CarelonRx to provide pharmacy benefits. To find a pharmacy near you, use our pharmacy locator tool. Find a pharmacy. For help with your prescription .