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Bt 4 cummins

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This, paired with the somewhat compact size of the 4BT, makes it a great candidate as a transplant engine for just about any vehicle. But these numbers can vary up to as much as hp depending on the application it was installed in.

The 4BT engine weighs in at around lbs, which is heavier than most of the gas engines it would be replacing in a conversion project, but much lighter than the six-cylinder 6BTversion. The inline-four also offers a fairly compact size at just As previously mentioned, the 4BT can easily be modified to produce higher than stock power levels when outfitted with the P P-pump.

Fueling mods can be taken to the same extremes as with the 5. Obviously, to go along with major fuel upgrades, common cylinder head and turbocharger upgrades would be required. But the aftermarket already has most of that covered as well with head studs, better valve springs, larger valves, and even performance exhaust manifolds and camshafts that are being built for the four-cylinder diesel.

While these upgrades can take the 4BT to all-new levels, one thing that needs to be mentioned is that because of its lack of cylinders and nearly identical operating rpm range, each piston is going to undergo a combustion cycle much sooner than that of a 6BT Cummins, so things like camshaft profiles and pump timing become critical for maximum efficiency at higher horsepower levels.

They offer virtually everything Cummins—new or remanufactured engines, new genuine Cummins parts, used engines and even salvage parts. In the search for more power, owner Robby Pederson began development of a Stroker Kit that would increase the length of stroke and add some additional cubic inches to the inline-four diesel. In the gas world, Stroker engines are nothing new, as the GM small-block Stroker engines have been around for nearly 35 years.

The is built by using a standard GM cid engine block with a modified cid crankshaft, which changes how far the piston travels. Not looking to do so much crankshaft work, as the factory 4BT crankshaft is a robust piece, Pederson opted for an all-new piston and connecting rod design to gain that additional stroke he was after.

A factory 4BT engine runs a 4. The new parts from ACD will allow the overall piston bore to expand to a 4. Knowing that the clientele for such a kit would be after extreme power levels, only the best materials were used to be sure the ACD Stroker Kit would stand up to high-boost and high-cylinder pressures.

The piston design also has a much shorter overall height, along with the wrist pin location being moved closer to the deck; this is where most of the additional stroke comes from. To match the new piston, connecting rods had to be developed, which were made from billet , like those being used in all the high-horsepower diesel engines. The new H-beam rod design is not only stronger than a factory connecting rod, but it also has a much smaller wrist pin journal, which will only work with the ACD piston.

While the pistons and rods are the true heart to the Stroker Kit, ACD has also developed a host of 4BT parts to go along with them to ensure the true peak performance can be met. Specific camshaft profiles have been designed, along with custom cylinder head work, and even 4BT-specific adjustable injection pump timing gears.

The Stroker 4BT will help push fully built axles, custom suspension and drivetrain sitting on inch tires down the road. ACD Engines understands that the complete Stroker Kit may be more than most 4BT project vehicles will need, so they have an array of 4BT-specific products that can do everything from help increase power to just improving fuel mileage and engine efficiency. They also carry a full line of custom brackets and conversion pieces that may help your conversion or transplant project go a little easier.

Knowing that major horsepower and torque would be needed and looking to keep things budget friendly, they opted for the less common and slightly cheaper VE injection pump series motor, versus the more popular and easily modified P injection pump model.

The VE pump working with custom ACD injectors and camshaft should bring power output up from the original hp to a more user-friendly hp.

While this may not sound like much, the low-end torque of the 4BT backed by the NV five-speed manual transmission from the Dodge Ram truck will make for a great daily driver and off-road combination. Your email address will not be published. Share 1. The pistons, injectors, connecting rods, and valvetrain design are straight off of the 12v Cummins.

The crankshaft and cylinder head are different, as there are two fewer cylinders on the 4BT compared to the 6BT. Out of the units listed above, weight is the most surprising.

Horsepower may seem relatively low, especially for a 3. The post version, 4BTA, had a significant power bump thanks to its jump from eight to sixteen valves. The 4BTA upgrade is similar to the change on the 6BT, where the valve count was increased from 12 valves to 24 valves.

Thanks to its size, power output, and mechanical fuel injection system, the 4BT can be found in a plethora of different applications. Bread trucks are large trucks that may have a relatively heavy payload, but have a tiny engine bay, making the 4BT the obvious choice. There is not any official list of 4BT applications, but bread trucks are definitely the most common application. Modern applications have since moved on to newer and more efficient diesel engines including the R2.

The 4BT is by no means a performance engine. As we said above it was used in applications such as bread trucks and the numbers show it. Of course, the 6BT is also very weak straight from the factory, but with some modifications to the fuel system and fuel timing, big power can easily be achieved.

The common 6BT fuel modifications apply to the 4BT, as they share the same fuel pump and injectors. If you want big horsepower, a turbocharger upgrade is a great place to start. An HX35, HE, or HE are great budget options that will flow significantly more air than the stock 4BT turbocharger at the cost of throttle response.

All 4BT applications lack an intercooler which is great for packaging constraints but terrible for power. An intercooler is a great way to pick up horsepower and improve power consistency by keeping charge air temperatures lower. As far as fueling is concerned, upgraded injectors are an excellent place to start, but are not necessary for small power increases.

The P fuel injection pump is the same one found in the 6BT. You can also ground down or remove the fuel plate which is what controls the maximum fueling. Fuel timing is crucial on the 4BT, so be sure to set it right, or you may have a blown engine on your hands. Past the basic fueling mods, aftermarket governor springs are a great way to pick up power.

The OEM governor springs of the P pump limit the engine to 2,rpm with de-fueling starting at 2,rpm. Aftermarket governor springs will allow full fueling up to 3,rpm or even 4,rpm depending on what spring kit you purchase. It should be noted that the fueling modifications listed above apply only to 4BT engines with the Bosch P pump. Models with the later VE-pump require different modifications. The real reason you might want to swap a 4BT is for fuel mileage, and size constants.

If fuel mileage is your legitimate reason for swapping, then the 1. So what have we learned so far? Many 4BT engines have gone way past , miles. Jeep people love the 4BT because it is pretty much the best diesel that can fit inside of a Jeep other than the much less common 1. Let me know what you think of the 4BT in the comments below! Bryce Good morning and thanks for the articles. I want to swap a diesel in my 84 S10 extended cab.

Can you suggest a diesel engine? Thanks, Harry. I am now being told by others that I have a fake engine or a knock off.

None of the engine numbers on the block are good supposedly.

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Cummins 4BTA Diesel Engine - Perfect for your JEEP

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