section 125 healthcare reimbursement changes
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Section 125 healthcare reimbursement changes

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Cafeteria Plans Additionally, employers can choose to amend their plans to allow for Mid-Year Election changes during the Calendar Year. A cafeteria plan sponsor, although not required to do so, may amend its plan to permit employees to make the following prospective midyear changes:. This extension for incurring claims is available to both cafeteria plans that have a grace period and plans that also provide a carryover.

Employers must adopt a plan amendment by Dec. This clarifies that expenses incurred after Jan. Employees who receive the District-paid HRA contributions may also voluntarily elect to enroll in the Section plan. The Section paycheck deductions for healthcare spending plus District HRA contributions can achieve an increase in healthcare reimbursement dollars for the year.

Note: Employee enrollment in the HRA is automatically managed by the District simultaneously with employee healthcare coverage enrollment and changes. As of , American Fidelity is the District's third-party administrator providing integrated services for both the Section Plan and the HRA Plan , allowing employees to access funds from both accounts with one single debit card.

Active employees who are enrolled in the HRA will receive an automated email from American Fidelity, confirming the account set-up and a participant debit card has been issued.

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Journal of Accountancy: IRS allows midyear changes. If you or any of your team have questions about this material, or if you would like a more in-depth review of your own situation, please contact HR Service Inc. We would be happy to help! Do you need a section POP Plan? Click here for more information as to how HR Service helps you with your documents.

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Changes to Section Cafeteria Plans. Change from one plan type to another, or change from individual to family, and similar. Revoke their health care coverage must provide written verification of other coverage. Change FSA contributions up or down, within plan limits.

Change Dependent Care Account contribution up or down, within plan limits. Pretax deductions also reduce the employer portion of Federal Insurance Contribution Act FICA taxes and the amount businesses owe in federal unemployment tax.

In some cases, liabilities for state income tax and state unemployment tax may be reduced, as well. In addition to being tax advantageous, cafeteria plans can help employers attract and retain talent. Employees today place great emphasis on having access to flexible benefits that improve the well-being of themselves and their families.

When choosing between two prospective employers, a section plan could be the deciding factor. Examples include, but are not limited to:. To start a section benefits plan, employers have to draft a document that outlines the benefits offered, contribution limits, participation rules and other information required by the IRS. Without the proper knowledge, these tasks can be difficult, which is why many employers enlist the help of a third-party administrator to set up and manage their cafeteria plan.

These steps can be greatly simplified by working with a payroll service provider. Many, like ADP, are capable of integrating payroll and benefits to ensure that cafeteria plan contributions and taxes are calculated accurately each pay period. Once employees enroll in a cafeteria plan and make their selections, they generally cannot change them until the next open enrollment period unless they experience a qualifying life event, such as:.

These circumstances in and of themselves are not enough to justify a special open enrollment. Employees usually have to provide a marriage license, birth certificate, letter from an insurance company or other documentation to prove their eligibility. Generally, any employer with employees subject to U. This includes:. Cafeteria plans, depending on the provider, may cover a wide variety of medical services, including the following types of care:. Certain prescriptions drugs may also be covered, as well as over-the-counter remedies, like allergy and cold medicine, first aid, pain killers, dietary supplements and more.

Any plan that qualifies under IRC section and gives employees the option to choose from at least one taxable benefit and one qualified benefit may be considered a cafeteria plan.

POP, or premium only plans, meet this criteria, which means they are a type of cafeteria plan one that allows employees to pay only their share of insurance premiums via pretax payroll deductions. If employees are enrolled in a section cafeteria plan, their pretax benefit contributions will be noted along with other payroll deductions on their pay stub. Section plans are popular because they allow employers to offer benefits that attract and retain talent, while reducing tax liabilities for themselves and their employees.

Employers should weigh their options with benefits administrators and legal counsel to determine which plan is best for them and ensure that they comply with Affordable Care Act requirements.