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935 lies center for public integrity medicare how to get caresource card

935 lies center for public integrity medicare

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The book's historical narrative is meant to show, as the subtitle has it, "the decline of America's moral integrity. Bush administration about Iraq. Lewis asserts that the statements were all erroneous but concedes that they may not have been "lies" in the sense of knowing falsehood. In any case, the Iraq war plays only a limited role in Mr.

Lewis's tale of woe. Skip to Main Content. News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services.

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But did some people actually believe this? For a White House press secretary to say that is astonishing to me. So, anyway, her comment is, of course, predictable. Basically, they acknowledged they were false statements without her saying it. So we actually have as much context so far as anyone has provided in one place.

But her comment is slightly laughable. Explain who he was and how the administration used him. Yeah, I think this is sort of the defining case of how we got led down the rabbit hole in Iraq. Curveball is the codename of an Iraqi — Rafiq Alwan is his name — who was a chemical engineer who defected to Germany, fled to Germany in and told the German intelligence authorities that Saddam — that he had helped mastermind a scheme to build biological weapons for Saddam Hussein.

That information was never confirmed. It was never vetted. It was just sort of put out there and handed over to the Americans. And his information — that is, the information from this one individual — rose higher and higher until the fall of , when President Bush is citing it. It appears in a document known as the National Intelligence Estimate, which is the gold standard of US Intelligence, it forms the strongest part of that.

The President cites his information in the State of the Union speech in Colin Powell, the Secretary of State, makes it the absolute highlight of his speech, when he goes up to the UN Security Council in February before the war.

He shows pictures or drawings of trucks. There had been a bitter fight inside of the CIA between the clandestine service — that is, the operatives who go out and steal secrets but who deal with informants and defectors like this — and the analysts.

The analysts were utterly championing — sorry, they were pushing his story. And three days after Powell went to the United Nations, the UN weapons inspectors went to all of the sites, every single one of the sites that Curveball had told them about, where these weapons supposedly were being produced.

They found a variety of things that showed his story was wrong. All of that was ignored, was overruled, was pushed aside. And obviously we went to war on false pretenses. And then someone else, you know, put at the end of a hallway filled with construction material and no access to classified computers. The CIA was very vindictive. So I found this case fascinating as I tried to sort of drill down and peel back the layers of what had happened here, this idea of these bureaucracies made up of people who are trained to lie, cheat and steal, that at every possible juncture there was rival — bureaucratic rivalries and really tawdry ambitions get in the way and, frankly, spineless leadership that just absolutely refused to stand up.

What you had, in the end, this man was a con man. He was trying to get a visa to Germany to get political asylum. But the CIA heard what it wanted to hear. It conned itself. It saw what it wanted to see, and it gave the White House totally what it wanted to hear. I mean, to me, you know, the idea — there were two things happening, as you know, before the war. They were putting out these reports, all of which, you know, proved to be totally wrong. Many people would have believed President Bush if he had simply said it, but not that many.

It took the media repeating this over and over again. So there was a deliberate attempt or a political decision made that they were going to make that case. Now, if you want to — you know, however you want to describe that is — whatever. They made that their political decision. I mean, they took us into the midst of a — you know, a terrible, a horrific, tragic war, and they did it on the basis of ponied-up false intelligence. And sort of where they pushed the evidence here or there is sort of — to me, is sort of secondary.

The fact is, they got it absolutely wrong on every single quarter. Just imagine it was twenty-five to fifty on Capitol Hill and throughout the administration. That goes into millions and millions and millions of words in the airwaves, on the web, in newspapers. But the other thing — and the intelligence is really interesting. It was mixed. So, anyway, this story is going to keep rolling out.

The Center for Public Integrity, founded in , was envisioned as a kind of journalistic utopia—a nonprofit alternative to the traditional commercial media that would be unfettered by time and space limitations, and untrammeled by the power of corporate or government interests bent on burying the truth.

Toggle navigation. Inside the Book Prologue We are in the midst of a tragic period in American history—one in which falsehood has increasingly come to dominate our public discourse, and in which the bedrock values of honesty, transparency, accountability, and integrity we once took for granted have been steadily eroded. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. A Watchdog in the Corridors of Power What possesses someone to intensely scrutinize a single subject for months or years in search of information that is secret, impenetrable, covered up, or otherwise obscured?

Chapter 8.

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May 30,  · The Blog Politics center for public integrity Harry Shearer Lies Just in case Scott McClellan wasn't keeping count, the Center for Public Integrity was: at least Missing: medicare. Jan 24,  · A new study from the Center for Public Integrity has revealed President Bush and top administration officials made a total of false public statements about Iraq’s Missing: medicare. The Center for Public Integrity, founded in , was envisioned as a kind of journalistic utopia—a nonprofit alternative to the traditional commercial media that would be unfettered by Missing: medicare.