cummins 6bta 5.9.
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Cummins 6bta 5.9. amerigroup health insurance virginia beach

Cummins 6bta 5.9.

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Fuel System: Rotary fuel pump with optional electronic governor for precise fueling and engine speed. Cooling System: Single loop keel cooling or engine mounted heat exchanger available for simplified installation. Optional fan drive for radiator applications. Exhaust System: Water cooled exhaust manifold reduces emissions and cools engine surface temperatures. Air System: Cummins turbocharger optimized for marine applications.

Jacket water aftercooled. Lubrication System: Standard capacity Spin on Cummins lube filters. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Engines 6bt Power - hp 78 - kW. For the model year, the Cummins was introduced with Bosch high pressure common rail fuel injection, again increasing power output.

On automatic equipped vehicles, the 47RE was upgraded internally to increase durability and torque capacity, now known as the 48RE. This engine was noticeably quieter than the previous engines.

The 6. It is currently the largest straight-six engine produced for a light duty truck or school bus. There are many changes over the previous 5. With the 6. The VG Turbocharger was introduced to reduce turbo lag by adjusting the vanes by sliding a steel ring in the exhaust housing dependent on engine RPM creating more or less pressure inside the exhaust housing and controlling the speed of the turbocharger.

It also works as an integrated exhaust brake system and is all controlled by an electronic actuator on the turbocharger. This VGT system has been an extremely common issue with the 6. Typically used in marine, agricultural, and construction applications, these engines share many of the same parts as the ISB and utilize the same Bosch fuel system. In the earlier models of the Cummins B-Series Engine, it was almost entirely mechanical including its fuel system.

The fuel pump used in these engines was the P injection pump, this pump is driven off the camshaft gear and drives it own internal camshaft to inject fuel to the individual injectors. The P injection pump also allows for large amounts of fuel to be delivered into the system with simple tweaking to the system to allow for larger injection events.

In the later models of B-Series Engine, the fuel system was switched from mechanical injection and timing to mechanical injection with electronic timing. This was all thanks to Bosch's new VP44 injection pump. The VP44 injection pump is driven at half the camshaft speed and produces fuel pressure at about 4, psi to pop the vertically centered injectors in the engine.

FPCM stands for the fuel pressure control module, and this is responsible for maintaining and controlling the fuel pressure of the system. However, even though this new technology to control fuel pressure was convenient, it had a major downfall. The problem was that they were unable to be serviced without replacing the entire fuel pump. Another important piece of the puzzle that is responsible for the longevity and functionality of the VP44 was the fuel transfer pump mounted on the side of the block next to the ECM.

This electronically driven vane pump is what supplies that minimum of 10psi to the injection pump so it maintains constant fuel pressure as well, as cools itself, and lubricates itself. The most recent method of fuel injection that is still in use today is called common rail injection.

Common rail injection is a completely revolutionary design to fuel injection since a fuel pump is now used to pressurize a rail and then from there sends the fuel to each injector. A major benefit of switching over to this fueling system was how it allowed for much less leakage into the cylinders pre and post ignition.

This is all possible since this fuel system operated upwards of bar so they are able to set spring tension higher in each injector to allow for more precise fuel injection and timing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thoughts on Cummins 6BTA 5. Thread starter 5teve Start date 25 May Hi Guys Just looking at options for a boat as our other offer is not likely to be accepted on our original boat choice and have come across a friends friend with a Riviera 38 - built with twin cummins 6bta 5.

Whats the general consensus on the motors - typical rebuild hours etc etc what would we need to look out for? Whats the fuel consumption like on them bear in mind we were looking originally at a hp Iveco single engine boat that cruised about about lph I think the boat is about 11t total weight.

Thanks in advance again Steve. Possibly the most common 'litre a jug' engine there has ever been, regarded as the most robust, clean running, low service cost. I doubt in this power node there is any better choice. In a marine environment the life will be subject to the care that the boat's owners have taken with the maintenance.

Cummins are great for getting spare parts very quickly, and are comparable I guess with VP on price. But service items are readily available from other places for peanuts. If you do end up with it I have a good service manual on PDF for ground equipment maintenance with the same engines. Joined 12 Aug Messages 13, I had the same engines in an Aquastar which I owned for approximately 7years.

I was very happy with them. AndieMac Well-known member. Last edited: 25 May Joined 27 Apr Messages Location Southampton. The man you need to seek advice from is Latestarter1 he is a bit of an authority on Cummins engines and has a pretty extensive knowledge of the pros and cons.

AndieMac said:. The Riv 38 is and has always been regarded as good property, and in Australia particularly with the Cummins option, resale should be good. There will of course be the usual maintenance issues regarding any vessel of this age and a proper survey of the hull and all machinery required, regardless of whoever has owned the boat. I operate commercially the later QSB versions of these engines and as superheat implied, we replace every 10, hours, they start using small amounts oil around 3, hrs, mind you we average hrs per 9 month season and they run at rpm out of a max for most of the time.

Recreationally you will never go near those hours, you will do some hours when the boat is first acquired of course but generally after a few seasons the hour usage will reduce as the novelty wears off, as you can see by the hours clocked up over the life of this particular Riviera.

Good luck with the deal. They have used the "wet" boat term for years, the best riding boats are the wet ones, besides as soon as you trim the bow down of any fast boat in rough conditions it's going to get wet, make sure you have Rainex-ed the windows and enjoy the ride, ha!

We have the high-quality parts you need, and we can get them to you in an unbeatable turnaround time. If you need assistance or have questions, contact our team of customer service specialists for help. Refer a Friend. Refer Us To A Friend. The Cummins 6bta is a powerful marine engine known for its durability. Some of our selection includes: Piston kits : Include ring set, pins and retainer. Ring sets are also sold separately.

Crankshaft : New crankshafts are available, as well as shell sets, plug kits and more. Sea water pump : Raw sea water pumps for your Cummins 6bta marine engine. Zinc, impellers and thermostats are also available. Rebuild kits : Include upper and lower gasket sets, connecting rod shell sets, pistons, crankshaft shell sets and everything you need to revamp your Cummins 6bta engine. Our specialists have expert knowledge to help you determine which parts you may need and to answer any questions you may have.

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WebCUMMINS 6BTA Engine Price: Call for price Financial Calculator Item Location: Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico Quantity: 1 Condition: Used Stock Number: . WebAug 28,  · Cummins 6B/BTA family are great motors. Millions in use world wide and still being produced. 1st thing I'd do is have Tony Athens "run the plate". Thats a . WebBuy Cummins 6bta Parts Online. We have many Cummins 6pta marine parts available for purchase online. Some of our selection includes: Piston kits: Include ring set, pins and .