baxter robot arm
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Baxter robot arm

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Generally speaking, there are two ways of going about engineering a robotic arm. Accordingly, its actuators the electric motors that drive the arm are very pricey. The other approach is to pull back on extreme precision in favor of a sense of feeling. These are the collaborative robots, or cobots. Reece Rogers. Matt Simon. Simon Hill. You could leave the grad students alone with the robot at night, which is when they work, and no one was going to get hurt. But researchers also began working with Baxter as a study in human-robot interaction, or HRI.

Which might have had something to do, at least in part, with the engineers forming bonds with the machine. It does, after all, have that flat screen on its face. That was not in my mind, it was really about manipulation research. The thing was just simpler and safer. Baxter and its sibling Sawyer were treading on strange new territory.

In order to stay competitive, American companies large and small are turning to cobots. And the competition for robots to work alongside humans is growing increasingly fierce. Which is not to say roboticists are going to walk into their labs tomorrow and find that their Baxters have disappeared. The machines will continue laboring as pioneering research platforms.

Rethink Robotics is folding, but Baxter will live on, until inevitably something better comes along. And it's OK. Part of how the field advances is by us trying our technology on new and different robots, and learning about the general problems, and how could we solve them for all robots. Katrina Miller. Amit Katwala. Matt von Hippel. Saira Mueller. Baxter is an industrial robot first built in 22 September by Rethink Robotics , a start-up company founded by Rodney Brooks.

The robot is a two-armed collaborative robot with an animated face. It is 3 feet tall and weighs lbs without its pedestal; with its pedestal it is between 5'10" 6'3" tall and weighs lbs. Industry experts remarked the impact it had on advancing collaborative robotic technology. Baxter has an animated screen for a "face" that allows it to display multiple facial expressions determined by its current status. There are sets of sensors on its head that allow it to sense people nearby and give Baxter the ability to adapt to its environment, unlike other industrial robots which will either shut down or continue running incorrectly when their environment changes.

For example, if it drops a tool without which it cannot do its job, Baxter will stop working, unlike some other robots, which will attempt to perform their job without the proper tools. Baxter also has extra sensors in its hands that allow it to pay very close attention to detail. As opposed to traditional robots, which are programmed to follow a specific set of commands, Baxter can be programmed by moving its hand to perform a task whose motions the computer will then memorize and be able to repeat the task; as such, the bot can be easily programmed by ordinary workers, without the need of an expert being present.

Extra dials, buttons, and controls are available on Baxter's arm for more precision and features. Many universities are now using Baxter as a part of their courses in robotics, mechanical engineering, and computational sciences. Baxter provides many advantages over traditional robots in that no cages are required for its use, and students can work alongside it in a classroom environment without the potential of accidents.

This feature is also useful for Baxter's application in commercial usage. Other industrial robots are built to perform one task rapidly with many fast-moving parts that make them unsafe for working alongside humans.

Baxter has sensors in its hands and around its arms allowing it to detect and adapt to its surroundings. This enables it to sense potential collision events early and can reduce the force before the impact. This is due to a motor driving a spring that drives Baxter's arm instead of just a motor driving its arms.

Extra sensors and cameras within Baxter's hands allow it to pay attention to detail while working with its hands. These extra sensors and abilities make Baxter less hazardous. Skeptics are concerned about the introduction of Baxter into production lines, and think Baxter takes away low-wage manual labor jobs. According to Brooks, Baxter is not a threat to human jobs because Baxter's ability is limited in tasks such as quality assurance or small assembly where things like sensing tension are important.

In those cases, a human is unlikely to be replaced by robots like Baxter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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WebSep 18, MEET BAXTER: Rethink Robotics has developed a next-generation factory robot that is versatile, easy to program, and costs just US $22 In the center of an . WebAbout the Baxter Robot | Specs, Accessories, Case Studies Do You Have A Project We Can Help With? Request a quote Building the Future Learn more about Baxter, .