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Centers for medicare and medicaid services lakia nelson ucsf cigna

Centers for medicare and medicaid services lakia nelson

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McKnight, Ph. Greensboro, NC HelIo and welcome to your new journey! Life is full of choices and challenges. Change is not easy, but you don't have to do it alone.

It takes courage and support to make the choice to get to a healthier place. My goal is to help you! Vanessa R. Abernathy Psyd Psychologist, PsyD. I focus on a client's internal motivations for change in order to address what may NOT be working well for them, or to strengthen and maintain what may be working well enough.

I am here to help clients identify and reclaim their core values and find healthy ways to live out those values, in order to enhance client health, wellness and success. Ebook: unbaitable-u. We are currently in very stressful times. In our work together, you will be preparing to navigate through difficult challenges. We will assure your resilience. Resilience allows us to accept the difficulty of the situation and bolsters our belief that we can grow into the people we need to be to meet the challenge.

Whether you're a young adult headed for autonomy, a parent supporting a young person's growth, a couple embarking on a life together or needing to remember "why" you're a couple, or an individual ready to "rethink, re-orient, and re-evaluate", this is your opportunity to prepare for the journey. As your therapist, I am here to support you and help you achieve your goals. I pride myself in offering a safe and nonjudgmental environment for growth and healing. Together, we will come up with a plan to navigate any concerns or problems that are facing.

She received her M. She is a native New Yorker and Jersey girl who loves spending time with friends and family, cooking, dancing, and exploring new places. My approach is grounded in inherent respect, dignity, and hope. I believe each of us is the expert of our own lives- individually, we contain vital knowledge of our inner world, events that have shaped us, our fears and our dreams.

Maybe we notice a restlessness, feeling like a spectator in our own life. Perhaps things seem fine enough on the surface, but we become aware that moments of joy, awe, and connection are increasingly rare. How can we get closer to the life we want? My ideal client is one who recognizes there are hurdles and bumps along the way, and with support and resources they can overcome.

This is a person who knows that their emotions are real and can be managed with some focus and acknowledgment. This is a person who wants to continue to work to be their best self.

Welcome and congratulations on taking a giant leap towards your freedom! We often let the weight of the world dictate our emotions, feelings, and behaviors. I will help you manage these stressors in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. My approach is person centered which means you are treated as a person first. Services are tailored around your individual circumstances.

It can be overwhelming to navigate life on your own. While it may be scary, going to therapy can help you feel supported as you journey through the difficulties that life can present. I appreciate those who are willing to overcome their fears and allow me the honor of being a part of your story, helping you to navigate the obstacles. I specialize in helping tweens and teens manage emotions and learn to express their needs appropriately.

I have been working with children, adolescents, and families for over twenty seven years. I have an eclectic approach, and my style is described as client-centered and informal. My goal is to connect with each individual with respect and care. I especially enjoy relating to young women struggling with a variety of life challenges. I offer a discount to students, who are actively enrolled in a university, college, community school, etc. Common issues are depression, anxiety, family concerns, relationship difficulties, and trauma.

Please contact me directly to hear more about the student rate. The problems you're experiencing may seem overwhelming, but they can provide an opportunity for you to change your life for the better. Seeking out help is an important step toward dealing with the problems that have kept you from thinking, feeling, and relating to others the way you want.

As the spending soars, the number of clients has seen little growth, a Journal Sentinel analysis found. Meanwhile, the number of clients increased by only one-third to 8, Markita Barnes, owner of Here For You, denied the allegations, saying they were the result of complaints voiced by disgruntled former employees.

Direct Care owner Detra Ferguson declined to comment when contacted after the flow of Medicaid funds was suspended. Precious Cruse, owner of Caring Through Love, could not be reached for comment after the records were seized.

The door to her office on Fond du Lac Avenue was locked in recent weeks, and repeated calls from the Journal Sentinel were not answered. The goal of the prenatal care coordination program is to improve birth outcomes and help low-income pregnant women and mothers of young children gain access to medical, educational and social services. Prenatal care coordination companies are supposed to provide a wide range of services, including risk assessments, care plans, and health and nutrition counseling.

Help is especially needed in Milwaukee, where Black babies are three times more likely to die than white babies. This is a now several-decade-old gap," Timberlake said. In addition, Black women in Wisconsin are five times more likely to die during pregnancy and in childbirth than white women, statistics show. Erica Olivier, the Milwaukee Health Department maternal and child health director, agreed, saying there are "very well-intentioned service providers" but also "definitely some that leave a bad taste in people's mouths.

In all, about prenatal care coordination companies and agencies in Wisconsin were eligible to receive Medicaid funds as of December, records show.

LaKia Jackson, who launched We Care Services in March , said she is sure some are drawn by the prospect of a big paycheck. About half of that revenue went to her as salary, Jackson told the Journal Sentinel in the interview. Barnes, a year-old certified nursing assistant, created Here For You in late and began enrolling clients last year.

Like many prenatal care coordination companies, Here For You also offers child care coordination services, which can bill Medicaid to provide support to the families in Milwaukee County until children are 7 years old. Virtually anyone is eligible to operate a prenatal care coordination company as long as they pass a background check and have a qualified professional, such as a nurse, on the payroll.

The Journal Sentinel reviewed state and federal court documents of a sample of about 70 owners of Milwaukee-area prenatal care coordination companies operating last year and found that more than half had serious financial issues in their backgrounds. The issues included bankruptcies, evictions and liens by the state Department of Children and Families. Owners of about a half-dozen active and defunct companies have been convicted of theft or fraud for activity unrelated to their prenatal care companies.

Many of the financial issues or legal problems occurred 10 or more years ago. Barnes has had some financial issues in the past, including being sued for eviction in , court records show. She said that even though the state stopped giving her company Medicaid funds, her PNCC would continue working with clients. She did not provide details.

State regulators, however, have raised concerns that part of her agency's growth is linked to aggressive and questionable marketing tactics. The confidential health department memo to Timberlake from Anne Bensky, deputy chief legal counsel in the department, noted that "agencies that have engaged in these incentives and potential kickbacks have seen a significant increase in clients.

The memo included examples of promotions from Barnes' agency and several other prenatal care coordination companies advertising giveaways to potential clients, including enrollment bonuses of hundreds of dollars, raffle prizes and free diapers. The memo cited a state statute that outlaws "soliciting or receiving money in return for purchasing a good or service" paid for by Medicaid. A visit to Barnes' old office, located in a building that she shared with a U-Haul distributor, hinted at an operation that was scraping by.

Late last year, she moved out of the rundown building on North Richards Street. However, her recent success could be seen on her Facebook page, where Barnes posted pictures of Gucci products while on a trip to the East Coast, visits to Las Vegas and children wearing designer clothing or posing with stacks of cash.

She also boasted on Facebook about celebrating Sweetest Day in Aspen, Colorado, a vacation that she said included a stay in a presidential suite and luxury gifts like Louis Vuitton clothes and a diamond Rolex watch: "Iced him out wit a 2-tone bussed down rollie Diamond all over that bih," Barnes wrote on Facebook.

For Sweetest Day last October, she shared videos and photographs on Facebook showing stacks of cash and Gucci shopping bags displayed in her Sybaris hotel room. Cruse brushed off critics of prenatal care coordination company owners who brag on Facebook about their newfound riches. She can do what she wants to do with it. Chappelle Roe, the woman who claimed to be helping clients in Milwaukee on Christmas Eve while prosecutors say she was actually in Alabama, is the only owner of a prenatal care coordination company in Wisconsin to be criminally charged for using her agency to pocket Medicaid money in recent years, according to the state DOJ.

Pulliam was billing for services she claimed to provide to mothers of non-existent babies, court documents show. A two-year prison sentence was stayed. The Pulliam conviction came nearly a decade after a PNCC fraud case that involved an owner and employees falsifying Medicaid billing records. Five people were convicted in that case. Today, the recent record seizures and funding suspensions indicate regulators and prosecutors may be cracking down.

Among the avenues listed in the memo were stealing Medicaid numbers and false billing. State auditors found repeated instances of suspected fraud, forgeries and fictitious billing in audits of 17 prenatal care coordination companies from , according to a review of the documents that were obtained through the state open records law.

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In , CMS began administering this nationwide satisfaction survey to Medicare beneficiaries in managed care plans. Each year a cross-section of Medicare managed care enrollees stratified by plan are surveyed to assess their level of satisfaction with access, quality of care, plans' customer services, resolution of complaints, and utilization experience. In , CMS expanded this effort to include beneficiaries in Medicare fee-for-service.

Each year a cross-section of beneficiaries in fee-for-service are given the same CAHPS survey stratified across geographic units designed to match managed care service areas in order to facilitate comparison across delivery systems.

One component is a stratum for the Medicare Satisfaction Survey for managed care enrollees discussed above. The second component assesses beneficiaries' reasons for leaving their Medicare managed care plan. The primary purpose of Medicare CAHPS is to provide information to Medicare beneficiaries to help them make more informed choices among managed care plans. One question on race is included as well. STATUS: Started in , the summary data from round 5 of the Medicare Satisfaction Survey for managed care enrollees, and round 2 of the Medicare Satisfaction Survey for beneficiaries in fee-for-service and disenrollees, are in the process of being uploaded to Medicare Health Plan Compare , a tool on www.

Round 6 of the Medicare Satisfaction Survey for managed care enrollees, and round 3 of the Medicare Satisfaction Survey for beneficiaries in fee-for-service and disenrollees are currently in the field. Plans receive detailed reports describing the findings from the survey.

QIO's receive patient-level files and reports for beneficiaries in their area. See also the CMS data website for further information. Each year, additional beneficiaries are added to the file from the EDB to maintain a five percent sample of the total Medicare population. Once a beneficiary is included in the sample, he or she remains in the file regardless of utilization activity or death. These characteristics are based on data from the midpoint of the year.

Since CWF implementation, claims records are used instead of bill and payment records. For further discussion of race data limitations, see Arday, Arday, et. C Baltimore, Maryland mkapp cms.

It is the only file that contains only hospice claims. Included in the file are drugs for symptom control and pain relief, short-term respite care, care in a hospice facility, hospital, or nursing home when necessary, and other services not otherwise covered by Medicare. Home care is also covered.

Beneficiaries who elect hospice care are not permitted to use standard Medicare to cover services for the treatment of conditions related to the terminal illness. Standard Medicare benefits are provided, however, for the treatment of conditions unrelated to the terminal illness. It is a final action claims level file in which all adjustments have been resolved.

The Hospice SAF is obtained by processing NCH hospice claims through a series of algorithms designed to match original claims with adjustment claims to resolve all adjustments. Final action data relieves users of the need to account for adjustments and provides a uniform file for analysis purposes.

Annual files are created each July for services incurred in the prior calendar year and processed through June of the current year month window. Current year incurred activity is created after 6 months and then updated quarterly September, December, and March and finalized after 18 months in July. Calendar year files are available beginning in Several options are available for extracting complete files as well as subsets of the files.

Record selections can be based on finder files of health insurance claim numbers, diagnosis codes, etc. DESY provides the option of extracting only those fields necessary a view or the entire file. If released to a CMS contractor or grantee, both must sign a Data Use Agreement that binds the user to protect confidentiality of the data. Other Federal agencies or outside requestors can receive identifiable data when needed for a project. CMS requires that research protocols be submitted, appropriate data release agreements signed, and fees paid.

CMS reviews all study protocols. There are five data files, for each state and year:. A Person Summary File - This file contains one record for each person enrolled in Medicaid in that state and year. The file includes eligibility information for each month of the year, demographic characteristics of the enrollee and a summary of services received and Medicaid payments, by selected types of covered services. Files are organized by calendar year and date of service.

The number of states included in the database has steadily increased. Therefore, there must be a disclosure exception of the Privacy Act or a routine use in the appropriate Privacy Act System of Records Notice that allows for disclosure of these data. Additionally, a written request, completed Data Use Agreement, evidence of sufficient funding and a copy of an appropriate protocol or study design must be forwarded to CMS. Finally, if beneficiary names and addresses are being released for the purpose of contacting beneficiaries, a draft Beneficiary Notification Letter is required.

The RAI helps the facility staff to gather definitive information on a resident's strengths and needs that must be addressed in an individualized care plan. It also assists staff to evaluate goal achievement and revise care plans accordingly by enabling the facility to track changes in the resident's status. MDS contains a core set of screening, clinical and functional assessments elements of the RAI, including common definitions and coding categories, that forms the foundation of the comprehensive assessment for all residents of long term care facilities certified to participate in Medicare or Medicaid.

This assessment system provides a comprehensive, accurate, standardized, reproducible assessment of each long-term care facility resident's functional capabilities and helps staff to identify health problems.

MDS has been in use by long term care facilities since to conduct assessments of residents on admission, annually, and when a resident experiences a significant change in status, in addition to abbreviated assessments on a quarterly basis.

A final regulation requiring facilities to electronically submit MDS data was published December 23, , with an effective date of June 22, MDS data for all residents of long term care facilities certified to participate in Medicare or Medicaid with an effective date of June 22, , or later, is available from our National Repository and can be disclosed under the Privacy Act of These legal requirements protect the confidentiality of individually identifiable data.

Once approval for release of the data is granted and fees are paid, the data may be obtained from CMS. The data is available on magnetic tape cartridges with a compressed or non-compressed format. S Baltimore, Maryland KEdrington cms. S population. For each reported case, SEER receives information on month and year of diagnosis, cancer site, patient demographics, extent of disease at diagnosis, therapy received within four months of diagnosis, and follow-up of vital status.

SEER data from to have been linked to Medicare enrollment records, using primarily Social Security Number, name, and date of birth. Medicare claims data are available for linked cases from onward. Over 1 million cancer cases have been linked to Medicare records. Information on race is determined through medical records and provider records.

The linkage has been updated three times. Current plans are to update the linkage at three year intervals. Room C Baltimore, Md. The OASIS is a key component of Medicare's partnership with the home care industry to foster and monitor improved home health care outcomes and is proposed to be an integral part of the revised Conditions of Participation for Medicare-certified home health agencies HHAs.

The core data items were refined through several iterations of clinical and empirical research. Other items were added later by a work group of home care experts to augment the outcome data set with selected items deemed essential for patient assessment.

The goal was not to produce a comprehensive assessment instrument, but to provide a set of data items necessary for measuring patient outcomes and essential for assessment. Overall, the OASIS items have utility for outcome monitoring, clinical assessment, care planning, and other internal agency-level applications. OASIS data items encompass sociodemographic, environmental, support system, health status, and functional status attributes of adult nonmaternity patients.

In addition, selected attributes of health service utilization are included. These several different types of attributes should be part of a comprehensive patient assessment, but the OASIS was not developed as a comprehensive assessment tool. In addition to measuring patient outcomes, OASIS data have three important uses in the areas of patient assessment and care planning for individual adult patients; agency-level case mix reports that contain aggregate statistics on various patient characteristics such as demographic, health, or functional status at start of care; and internal HHA performance improvement.

OASIS data for Medicare and Medicaid patients receiving skilled services with an effective date of August 24, , or later, is available from our National Repository and can be disclosed under the Privacy Act of SAFs are available for each institutional and non-institutional claim types from onward.

Additional purposes of Medicare CAHPS include: Providing tabulations to health plans on their own performance, relative to others, that will help them identify problems and improve the quality of care and service they provide to beneficiaries all beneficiary-specific information is protected by the Privacy Act and, consequently, will not be provided to the plans. Providing information to CMS that can be used to help monitor the quality of care and relative performance of Medicare managed care plans and the traditional Medicare program.

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Feb 9, аи Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Division Key Personnel Associate General Counsel, Janice L. Hoffman Phone: [email protected] . Contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Local Offices: Contact State Medicaid Offices Main Address: Office of External Affairs Security Blvd. Baltimore, MD . WebIn , Lakia T. Nelson was a Miscellaneous Administration And Program at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in Woodlawn, Maryland. As our dataset only goes as .