centene net worth
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Centene net worth

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The most common way to calculate net worth for a certain period is to multiply the number of outstanding shares with the average share price for the same period. Investors usually call this as market value or market cap. We will be using this approach throughout this report. Below is a breakdown of the former calculation. The calculation for quarterly net worth is similar to that for monthly value with one exception.

We have used quarterly avg. The second approach to calculate net worth is to find the difference between total assets and total liabilities. We can call this "book value" approach. However, we will be using the "market value" method stated in the first paragraph of this section.

Now let us see a chart tracking the net worth for CNC since the beginning of till Note: You know share price is a volatile metric. Net worth usually oscillates on lines with the share price. Provided the number of outstanding shares does not change, higher share prices will drive up the market cap. The below table contains a sample of data used to build the above chart. The final column shows how the current week's value fared against the previous. Tweet This.

Now let us see the top 5 weeks for CNC as far as the net worth is concerned. The second column lists the market cap values while the third column compares those values against the highest net worth. SBJ unveils class of 40 Under Billionaire plans proxy fight against Disney.

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