400 cummins specs
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400 cummins specs

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Inquire the spare part you look for from our partners with a few easy steps and choose the best offer. Order the Engines spare parts easily today - worldwide.

Check out 1 Cummins products here. More about Cummins. We personalize the website content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics. Power kW max. Tier 2 Tier Max. Tier 3 Aspiration T Weight kg Bore mm Stroke mm More technical details , like: type of cooling, alternative name are available in the full technical specs. Enter the fuel consumption: Calculate now! Get spare parts for Cummins QSM easily from our partners Inquire the spare part you look for from our partners with a few easy steps and choose the best offer.

The auto-tensioning fan drive belt requires only visual inspection. The ISL provides equipment manufacturers with a cost-effective engine that has a power to weight ratio that few can match. Backed by the renowned reliability and durability of Cummins engines, it is the engine for every load!

The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Isle. Power - hp - kW. Click Here to Contact Sales.

Available Regions India. Overview: Cummins ISL is a highly flexible power choice with a light weight, compact size and fuel efficient 8. Features and Benefits Premium Engineering- Cylinder block with integrated fluid lines, high strength tensile steel forged crankshaft, high durability pistons and special surface finish mid-stop cylinder liners support the overhaul durability goal.

It maintains an optimum balance between load demands, fuel efficiency and emissions control. It is designed to be isolated from detrimental thermal and vibration loading for extreme reliability and durability.

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