map of baxter state park
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Map of baxter state park cvs health market research associate

Map of baxter state park

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Junior Ranger books may be found at campgrounds, gatehouses, and the visitor center, or downloaded HERE. Skip to content Explore. Motors are not permitted on most Park ponds, but are allowed on Matagamon, Webster and Nesowadnehunk Lakes. If you plan to bring your own boat, please be careful to avoid spreading aquatic invasives , and please know the laws associated with boating in Maine.

Please call if you have any questions. Canoes are available for rental at many pondsóClick for link and look at map below. When cleaning fish, if the fish have been taken from that pond, please dispose of the entrails in deep water off-shore for nutrient recycling of the fish parts. These will be rapidly consumed by minnows, crayfish and other fish. If fishing from shore, either throw the entrails at least 20 feet off-shore, carry them out in your carry out litter bag or dig a cathole at least feet from water, campsite or trail and bury the entrails.

If cleaning the fish back at camp away from the body of water it was caught in, either carry out the entrails or bury them as described previously. Fish entrails, as with other food, will not completely burn in a fire pit and will attract animals, as well as leave an unsightly fire pit for the next visitor. For these reasons, please do not attempt to burn them in the fire pit. Special considerations for anglers óBe sure to carry out monofilament line, as it is not biodegradable and an animal or bird might become fatally entangled, avoid lead sinkers to prevent the death of loons and other waterfowl due to lead poisoning and carry out bait cups and unused bait.

Need to buy a license? Maine residents under 16 years of age and nonresidents under 12 years of age may fish without a license. A young Governor Baxter with a nice prize. Climbers can find any type of climbing to challenge themselves, from bouldering to multi pitch climbs. Respect for the environment and a commitment to Leave No Trace climbing techniques are required of the climbing community. Baxter State Park does not allow practices such as placing bolts on existing routes or establishing new bolt-intensive routes and chipping or gluing new holds.

To accomplish this goal, please adopt this code of ethics for low impact climbing: Accept responsibility for yourself and others. Pack out all litter. Use existing access trails to approach climbs. Avoid short-cutting trails. Know and respect historic and environmentally sensitive areas. Be considerate of wildlife and other users. Leave the rock and its environs in its natural condition.

Competent technique, experience, safety equipment, physical fitness and good judgment are Essential. Because of the geology and remoteness climbing helmets are required. Check-in with the Chimney Pond rangers is advisable to get up to date weather and local conditions. Hazards in the form of sudden violent weather lightning, wind, snow, and rainstorms , waterfalls, and the dangers associated with climbing, cause injuries every year and can ruin a climb.

Always let a friend know your plans. You are responsible for notifying someone when you return. Baxter State Park rangers will not start a search until after a climber is reported overdue. Technical rescue may be hours away. Wildlife and Photography Seeing wildlife in the Park can be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences you can have in the Park. The Park provides intact watersheds and ecosytems representing complete assemblages of the flora and fauna of the Acadian Forest.

Wildlife can occur anywhere within the Park at anytime of the day or night. For birders, the Park provides a listing of bird species found in the Park. There are no warming huts, fuel sources, or other facilities along the route. The speed limit is 20 mph.

Day users expecting to travel above treeline are required to register with the Park seven business days prior to the date of their climb. Parties planning to winter mountain hike or climb travel above treeline or off marked trails, including ice or snow climbing in a single day are subject to the same registration process see Reserve, below as winter campers. Permission for winter mountain hiking or climbing can not be granted over the telephone. There are few if any ice climbs that can conveniently be done on a day-use basis, although there are a few moderate ice climbs near the Park Tote Road, such as those on the southeast side of Doubletop Mountain.

However, these routes also require crossing Nesowadnehunk Stream. Group Size There is no minimum , and twelve 12 is the maximum group size in winter as in summer. Submission of this form does not authorize a winter climber to participate in unprotected free solo climbing on technical terrain routes that would normally be climbed with the use of ropes and means of protection.

Simply put, winter travel will take longer than summer travel. For winter , bunkhouses will be reserved on a single-party basis, much like cabins. Bunkhouse reservations fill quickly, especially those at Chimney Pond. Lean-to reservations are usually available for those willing to endure the elements 24 hours a day; however, it is important to remember that no open fires are allowed at Chimney Pond at any time of year, and only the bunkhouse has a woodstove.

Many trips are planned as bunkhouse to bunkhouse excursions. Getting here is strenuous. This is a Chimney Pond Lean-To in winter no fires allowed. It is very hard to dry out your gear here.

Chimney Pond bunkhouse. Parking for most trips on the south end of the Park is at Abol Bridge see Abol Parking detail in bottom left corner of the winter map above.

Log trucks have the right of way! See also our Winter Use Map. Travel on I to Exit ; turn west left on Route which shortly joins Route Bear right on Route 11 and travel 9 miles to Patten. Continue 23 miles on this road, cross the East Branch of the Penobscot River, and park on the right, across from the northern entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Extreme weather conditions are likely in Baxter State Park in winter, and rescue is likely to be hours or days away. The following equipment is recommended. Snowshoes or skis, and repair materials Backpack the conditions are not always good for hauling a sled Insulated footwear summer hiking boots will not be sufficient Sleeping bag rated for winter conditions Sun protection sunglasses, snow goggles, and sunscreen a March sun is as strong as September Fire matches or a lighter preferably butane Extra food a two-day reserve is wise Extra clothing to replace the wet stuff you sweat through, or to layer up when the wind blows Navigation topo map and compass at a minimum Illumination it is a Park rule to carry a flashlight or a headlamp.

Processing of winter camping reservations and above treeline registrations, by mail and in person, begin on November 1. Reservations and registrations must be made at least 7 business days in advance of your trip. While you may not reserve a campsite for winter online, you can view campsite availability. No special permission is required for one-day trips below treeline.

Visitors should check in and out at the self-registration boxes, at Park Headquarters, or by phone. Skip to content winter. PLAN Routes change and things take longer when the snow flies and the water is hard.

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AdBrowse & Discover Thousands of Travel Book Titles, for Less. WebBaxter State Park is a large wilderness area permanently preserved as a state park in . WebGeneral road and trail maps of Baxter State Park in Maine. For more about the park please visit Maps will be updated as trail info changes. Trail .