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Accenture logo white humane animal rescue pittsburgh

Accenture logo white

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In , the management decided to change the structure of the logo, making minor changes. As a result, the symbols have become wider and more classical, and the accent mark is more expressive. After a series of experiments, it turned purple. There were no other transformations. Simple design accurately conveys the direction of the company and the style of its work. Strict letters indicate a commitment to excellence. The logo uses a standard font from the Sans Serif group.

The color scheme is monochrome and consists of a combination of black text and red accent mathematical symbol. No typeface adjustments were made in the new logo ó it is still retained in the version.

The basic emphasis was on the color of the mathematical sign. So, after red, it became sky blue, and then it was turned into light purple. The Accenture logo stands for accessibility the word starts with a lowercase letter , openness streamlined symbols with wide interior space , and continuous growth the mathematical greater-than sign at the top. There are no other elements besides the name.

Accenture has several divisions, including Accenture Strategy and Accenture Technology. They differ in functions: the first one plans the management and business development strategy, and the second proposes their implementation and use. It combines industry expertise, design, and human-led analysis. This allows clients to learn to act confidently and quickly. Home Other companies Logos. October 5th, Accenture Logo large. Download PNG About Accenture Accenture plc, a professional services company, provides strategy and consulting, interactive, industry X, song, and technology and operation services worldwide.

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