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Baxter bike

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Logan put nearly 1, miles on it for this in-depth review, complete with a highlight reel video, comparison to other Tour DIvide-specific bikes, and loads of photos. Nearly three years later, we finally got our hands on one to build up, ride hard, and pick apart. After kitting out the frame with choice components—many of which were also in for review—I put quite a few miles on the Baxter over the last eight months for a full test.

Read on for details…. Ten times out of ten when we review a high-end bike, we hear comments and quibbles about price vs. But many would argue that there are several points to justify the price, factors that ultimately make this bike special. And while all that may sound somewhat marketing-speakish, I can honestly say that many of those facets became crystal clear once I plucked the frame from its cardboard shipping container and placed it on my favorite stump for photographs.

Aside from the intangibles mentioned above, there are a few material features that make the Baxter frame interesting, and uniquely MOOTS. This particular alloy is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, workability, corrosion resistance, and fatigue life—which means that over its lifespan it can take a lot of beatings.

The Baxter tubeset consists of a 42mm downtube, 38mm top tube, 35mm seat tube, 22mm chain stays, and a unique slingshot-style seat stay junction made of 29mm and 19mm tubes.

MOOTS claims that by appropriating specific tube sizes and wall thicknesses, they can fine tune a desired ride quality for a particular bike, per individual size, even. Do all of these details justify the price tag?

Other than the fact that I really wanted to see and photograph the frame in its full glory, I was particularly interested in approaching this bike as a project build, as if I were planning the perfect rig to ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

With that, I set out with some parts I had on hand, and others I opted to review alongside the Baxter. With a 1x crankset, the maximum size is a tooth ring, which is what I used. As such, even with the wide-range T Eagle cassette, I found myself spinning out on fast road rides. Had it been my decision, I would have added in rack mounts and sliding rear dropouts for versatility.

So, what choices did they make while designing the Baxter that directly reflect the route? Better yet, why does it seem like the most popular bike used to race the Tour Divide comes in the form of a drop-bar 29er? But the reasoning is pretty clear. Plus, there are a lot of great fast-rolling XC mountain bike tires in that size range that fit the bill, including options now coming out specifically for this type of riding.

However, there are a few nuances to this frame that set it apart from the others in this category. While there are a few other drop-bar 29ers in the same category as the Baxter—the Kona Sutra LTD and Curve GMX come to mind—only a couple of other production bikes are claimed to have been designed specifically for the Divide route.

That said, the Baxter might be the least strictly focused on the route, with more of a propensity toward versatility. Before we dig in, here are the geometry numbers for all three size large—or 58cm for the Cutthroat ….

It kind of finds a sweet spot in between stable and agile, which I quite liked. They are robust, sturdy, you can take a lot of luggage with them and thanks to the support of the front wheel motor and battery, you will never have to make an effort to move forward. If you choose the Baxter, you can choose from 2 variants, 1 of which with a front-wheel motor.

The Baxter F7 is equipped with a very quiet Bafang motor in the front wheel that pulls you forward, as it were. In addition, this model has 7 gears from Shimano and 2 different types of brakes. For example, there is a rim brake hand brake on the front and a roller brake also a hand brake behind it. The other variant of the Baxter is the HM8.

This version does not have a front-wheel motor, but a mid-motor near the pedals. This Bafang mid-engine is more powerful than the front-wheel motor and also gives a slightly more natural driving experience and better road holding. Manual e-bike technique download. Manual bike download. The Baxter is a striking and quirky series within the Brinckers collection. This electric transport bike is not only beautiful to look at, but also very practical with its front carrier and sturdy luggage carrier.

These bicycles are designed for the relaxed cyclists who also have to regularly take luggage on the road. These Brinckers may not have the most refined design of all our e-bikes : they drive very refined! The proven, stylish Dutch Design also guarantees extra comfort with this bike, which you will immediately notice by the fine handles, the pleasant saddle and the smooth shifting Shimano gears.

Of course you also have the option of battery choice with these Brinckers. With the handy steering wheel control you can easily adjust the amount of support. These e-bikes are also smartphone compatible: with the Bafang GO app you can easily connect your smartphone to your e-bike.

Then you immediately have an extra luxurious display and up-to-date navigation.

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Baxter offers cafes, taverns, and markets to replenish weary travelers. Parking and Trail Access To reach the southwestern trailhead at Mally’s Weh-Weh-Neh-Kee Park from I, take Exit . The Baxter greatly expands the capability, comfort, and speed of modern gravel bikes. 40 or 60mm of supple, but progressive travel erases washboards, removes the sting from . The Baxter is a striking and quirky series within the Brinckers collection. This electric transport bike is not only beautiful to look at, but also very practical with its front carrier and sturdy .