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Accenture synops

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With Covid and new variables such as furlough and sick pay, the retailer improved pay accuracy and accelerated processing within one business day.

Thanks to intelligent talent and HR operations, the retailer is enjoying greater productivity and efficiency gains. Using a combination of data-driven insights, analytics, cloud-based applications and automation, significant cost savings have been achieved. The company can reinvest in growth initiatives to propel the business forward in a challenging climate. With automation , the number of HR professionals doing routine tasks has decreased in favor of agile and digital working.

Employee call volumes have dropped due to integrated case management systems such as the omni-channel platform for employee inquiries, self-service adoption, and better informed agents. The cloud-based interactive virtual response app has significantly streamlined the number of employee touch points and the number of redirects by almost half.

Meeting employees on their terms has worked wonders. Employees have a choice of digital or in-person services. Employee satisfaction has soared from average to excellent and is still climbing.

Other initiatives have enhanced efficiency and saved over half a million dollars by delivering insights into employee needs and seasonal requirements and making demand planning more accurate. Skip to main content Skip to footer. A North American retailer used SynOps, cloud-based technology and data-driven insights to improve its talent and HR operations and generate results.

Call for Change. Call for change. SynOps enables companies to make their organizations more flexible, agile and responsive, helping them generate additional value by driving growth and scaling operations quickly. When used in procurement, the system can take an order, generate an invoice, check that invoice against a contract, correct any errors and then email it to the customer without human intervention.

Clients can set custom rules for whether the system will process something automatically based on how much confidence the AI software has in its own predictions. For instance, if a system were handling routine insurance claims, a company might allow it to automatically pay those claims as long as it had at least a 95 percent confidence that the decision was correct.

If its confidence falls below that threshold, the claim would be routed to a human. So far, about Accenture clients have used the system for procurement, with around 20 having tried the finance product and five clients currently piloting the marketing offering. Said Nirav Sampat , group technology officer at Accenture:.

If you are a chief procurement officer of a company, you are really looking at how to get the best out of your money and spend.

For a large beverage company, one of the things we did was look at all the indirect spend and really look at spend analysis in order to optimize what they needed to have.

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By continuing to use our site, you agree that we can save cookies on your device, unless you have disabled cookies. Diverse data : SynOps enables the collection, monitoring, storage, analysis and reporting of structured and unstructured data from diverse sources and creates the environment for advanced data exploration and AI model development to enhance real-time decision-making.

With high administrative costs and falling customer satisfaction, the company needed to better see and manage its financial performance while freeing up cash to take advantage of market opportunities and to grow. Process transformation, automation and analytics boosted productivity by more than 50 percent.

A high-tech company encountered fragmented sales pipeline data without a single source of truth. Through SynOps for Marketing, applied advanced analytics helped augment, treat and rank leads — helping the client process , leads compared with the 25, leads previously processed in one year and leading to an 11 times increase in revenue in the first four months.

A multi-national food and beverage company leveraged SynOps for Procurement when profitability was harder to achieve despite higher revenues. SynOps provided innovative talent with digital tools, information and process rigor and gave users end-to-end transaction transparency. The engine also gave leaders global spend visibility to make better decisions.

From an improved user experience to greater efficiency and productivity, SynOps helped the company save millions of dollars in indirect procurement costs. MTS Staff Writer. You might also like More from author.

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WebJan 30,  · Accenture launches SynOps, a new platform designed to bring about breakthroughs in workflow by both digital workers and people. The move follows similar . WebJan 29,  · SynOps is an innovative human-machine operating engine that optimizes people, technology, data and intelligence – to deliver results previously unimaginable. WebJan 29,  · Accenture has launched SynOps, an innovative human-machine operating “engine” that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and .