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Dragon nuance login

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Dragon Anywhere lets you dictate and edit documents by voice on your iOS or Android mobile device quickly and accurately, so you can stay productive anywhere you go. If you're a busy professional who needs to take detailed notes or dictate documentation on the go, see why Dragon Anywhere is right for you. Watch these short videos and learn new tricks to help improve mobile productivity and more.

Find more tips and advice on how to improve documentation tasks on the go. When you're ready to share your dictation with your other devices or colleagues, simply use your voice to email your document or save it to the cloud. Even import existing documents for further editing on your mobile device. With Dragon Anywhere, you can:. Use the new Correction Menu to quickly correct the spelling of words.

Select, edit and paste words using simple voice commands, such as "Correct that". The Train Words feature makes it quick and easy to train individual words or phrases. By doing so, teach Dragon exactly how you pronounce words to eliminate any spelling errors as you dictate.

Get more done whether you're on the road or in the office. Custom words and auto-text commands are automatically synchronized with your Dragon desktop for supported editions next time you log in so you can work seamlessly by voice anywhere you go. Watch the video to learn how.

Dragon Anywhere and Evernote Sync: Create and access content everywhere. All your dictated notes captured using Dragon Anywhere can be synchronized with Evernote. Your notes, documents and more are instantly available on all your devices and wherever you go. Empower field workers, lawyers, social workers, insurance adjusters, public safety officers and other professionals to keep up with documentation demands even when they are away from their desk.

Dragon Anywhereóprofessional-grade mobile dictation app. Get documents done anywhere Version 1. Train Words feature to teach Dragon how you speak Access customized words and auto-text across all devices Share documents by email, Dropbox and more. Available in US and Canada 1 week free trial. Get it now. For groups. Contact us. Accessing your Dragon Anywhere app is easy Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice. No time or length limits; speak as long as you want to, capturing all of the details needed for complete, accurate documentation.

Robust voice formatting and editing options, including the ability to select words and sentences for editing or deletion. Voice navigate through fields of a report template, and apply common formatting like underline and bold.

Dragon Anywhere in action Watch, read and learn. See it in action. Both versions can be installed on the same computer but only one of them can run at a time.

If you are not sure which to choose, download both. Dragon Medical One. Long term service release based on version This release will continue to receive regular patches until September Privacy policies. Product comparison.

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WebJul 13, †∑ From the DragonBar, select Tools>Log out. To log in: From the DragonBar, select Tools>Log in. The Dragon Login dialog box appears. Specify your Login Name . WebUse this installer to get started quickly on a single computer and dictate into applications that are running on the same computer. Download the installer, double-click it and follow the . WebDragon Anywhere Group Optimize mobile documentation enterprise?wide Enable your mobile workforce to complete documentation and reporting work and improve .