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Kaiser permanente receipt

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Some insurers will cover the cost of your tests up-front when you buy them. Some insurance companies are choosing to cover the cost of tests at the time of purchase. Other insurers, encouraged by the federal government, also have set up networks of preferred stores and pharmacies where policyholders can get tests with no up-front costs.

Remember, only some insurance companies have a network of preferred test providers. How to get at-home test costs covered: Get your costs covered up-front when you purchase through an approved test provider. How to get at-home test costs covered: Submit a reimbursement claim form by mail or fax.

Cigna will cover the full cost of at-home tests, regardless of whether you buy them from providers inside or outside their network. Each person covered in your plan is eligible for eight free tests each month. Insurance companies are quick to point out that this means eight individual tests, not eight packs of tests. Some tests are being sold as a two-pack, where one box includes two tests. If you buy one of these boxes, your insurance will count that as two from your eight available monthly tests.

Most insurance companies are defining a "month" as a day period, so it's also a good idea to keep track of the dates of your purchases to make sure you don't exceed the cap and miss out on a reimbursement.

Read more about how to order four free tests per residential address via USPS. If you or someone in your community doesn't have access to the internet to order these free tests, USPS says you can contact their helpline by calling TTY You should also be prepared for potentially long wait times using this helpline. You can also use our guide to look for a free or low-cost COVID test near you , many of which do not require health insurance.

We want our coverage to be complete and helpful to our audiences. If you're facing issues with your insurer in processing a reimbursement, let us know here or by filling out the form below. Please note that we won't be able to respond to you personally, but will update this guide with new information we find. To learn more about how we use your information, please read our privacy policy. A Negative result is shown from a take-home Covid test kit lying on a wooden table.

Photo by Frederic J. Jan 20, Save Article Save Article. Failed to save article Please try again. What if you don't have health insurance? The two ways that reimbursement works If you have private health insurance, how you get your reimbursement and your tests and whether you get reimbursed after purchase or have costs covered up-front totally depends on which insurer you have.

Some insurers will reimburse for the tests you've purchased Some insurance companies, like Kaiser Permanente, Aetna and Blue Shield of California, are asking policyholders to request a reimbursement after purchasing a COVID test by filling out a claim form.

Some insurers will cover the cost of your tests up-front when you buy them Some insurance companies are choosing to cover the cost of tests at the time of purchase. Kaiser Permanente How to get at-home test costs covered: Submit a reimbursement claim form by mail.

You should be receiving your invoices by mail or email each month. If you need an additional copy, you can obtain these directly from Kaiser's online employer portal. Invoices are generated mid-month. For example, June's invoice will become available in mid-May, and July invoice will become available mid-June.

If you do not have a registered Kaiser Permanente account you can sign up with this link:. Fill in all the necessary information to create an account. If you already have an account you can log in with this link:. First, in the top navigation, click on "Documents" and then "Group Documents".

Then, select "ALL" for the billing unit name or number and click "Continue". Your bills are listed under "Billing Statement.

If the bill data requested is in Microsoft Excel format, call this number and a Kaiser Permanente representative will assist you:.

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