does amerigroup cover transgender care
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Does amerigroup cover transgender care caresource marketplace rating

Does amerigroup cover transgender care

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The Biden Administration recently proposed a new rule on Section that explicitly states that it interprets, and will enforce, sex-based protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite these protections, some states have recently moved to implement or consider actions aimed at limiting access to gender-affirming health care, particularly for youth.

This has included restrictions on coverage of benefits as well as bans on the provision of gender-affirming care by health care providers. A number of lawsuits are pending. The standards of care for gender-affirming health services set by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health include hormone therapy, surgeries, fertility assistance, voice and communication therapy, primary care, and behavioral health interventions.

Additionally, the Endocrine Society supports gender-affirming care in their clinical practice guidelines. Together, these guidelines form the standard of care for treatment of gender dysphoria.

Gender-affirming care is highly individualized, and while not all transgender and nonbinary individuals will want or seek any or all of these medically necessary services, limiting access to them can lead to negative and life threating outcomes.

Major U. In a survey of states on coverage of sexual and reproductive health services conducted in Summer , KFF and Health Management Associates HMA asked states about coverage of five gender-affirming care services: gender-affirming counseling, hormones, surgery, voice and communication therapy, and fertility assistance for transgender enrollees Questions presented in Appendix Table 1.

Because the survey focused on adult access, states were not asked about puberty blocking hormones. States were asked if a service was covered, excluded from coverage, or whether coverage was not addressed in state policy or statute for adults over the age of 21, as of July 1, Services that are not addressed in state policy or statute may or may not be covered by the state, or coverage may vary by case.

Forty-one states and the District of Columbia responded to the survey. Tennessee responded to the survey but did not answer questions related to gender-affirming services. Survey findings are summarized in Figure 1 and Table 1 and highlights are presented below.

As detailed below, many state Medicaid programs cover aspects of gender-affirming health services. However, only two of the 41 states responding to this survey, Maine and Illinois, reported covering all five services. Two states, Alabama and Texas, reported they do not cover any of these services under Medicaid. Gender-affirming hormone drugs include estrogen, anti-androgens, and progestins feminizing hormones , as well as testosterone and other agents masculinizing hormones.

Under federal law, and subject to exceptions for a few drugs or drug classes, state Medicaid programs are required to cover all drugs from manufacturers that have entered into a rebate agreement with the Secretary of Health and Human services under the federal Medicaid Drug Rebate program.

Twenty-five states reported covering gender-affirming hormones, and 10 of these states require prior authorization. Thirteen states said coverage was not addressed in state statute or policy, and three states— Alabama , Hawaii , and Texas —exclude coverage of gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Gender-affirming surgery can include chest surgery, genital surgery, facial surgery, and other surgical procedures aimed at helping a transgender or nonbinary person transition to their self-identified gender.

Not all transgender or nonbinary individuals seek or want surgical treatments. Twenty-three of the 41 responding states reported covering gender-affirming surgery for adults through their state Medicaid programs. Nine states reported coverage was not addressed in state statute or policy, and nine states reported that they excluded gender-affirming surgery from coverage.

This survey did not ask states to specify what surgical procedures they cover, but some states provided additional details, which can be found in Appendix Table 2. Ten of 23 covering states require prior authorization. For example, Colorado requires a clinical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and that the patient has lived in their preferred gender for 12 continuous months. Colorado and Wisconsin also require that the patient has completed 12 continuous months of hormone therapy.

Some transgender people have challenges with developing a voice that matches their gender identity. Voice therapy services can encompass a range of treatments that address pitch, intonation, articulation, pragmatic speech and other aspects of communication.

Thirteen of the 41 responding survey states report that they cover gender-affirming speech or voice therapy services, some requiring prior authorization. Ten of the survey states reported that they exclude coverage for gender-affirming voice therapy services, and 18 states responded that they have not addressed this coverage in their state policy.

A broad array of diagnostic and treatment services are available to assist with achieving a pregnancy. Diagnostics typically include lab tests, semen analysis and imaging studies, or procedures of the reproductive organs. Treatment services include medications, reproductive system procedures to allow for pregnancy, and an array of other interventions to help an individual achieve pregnancy, such as intrauterine insemination IUI and in-vitro fertilization IVF.

While federal rules require states to cover most prescription medications under Medicaid, there is an exception that allows states to exclude coverage for fertility medications. We confirmed that 34 of 51 state Medicaid programs do cover GAHT, whereas 9 of 51 states' and 2 of 5 territories' do not. We could not confirm coverage of GAHT in 8 of 51 states and 3 of 5 territories. We confirmed that 25 of 51 state Medicaid programs do cover GAS, whereas 22 of 51 states' and 3 of 5 territories' do not.

We could not confirm coverage of GAS in 4 of 51 states and 2 of 5 territories. Our experience suggests that the process to confirm coverage can be especially time-consuming and frustrating for patients. Which U. J Sex Med ;

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