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Finn baxter

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Finn baxter Finn baxter and Alexis stay behind; however, Finn's controller is confiscated by his parents. Mason, however, saves Finn by throwing snowballs at Jessica, eventually incapacitating her. Did you play any other sports? Download the digital finn baxter of Rugby World straight to your tablet or subscribe to the print edition to get the magazine delivered to your door. What was the biggest change? The fknn is my main work-on as a young prop. Click Baxter.
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Finn and Alexis stay behind; however, Finn's controller is confiscated by his parents. He is not permitted to play video games and Alexis can only use her phone for emergency calls.

That night after having seen the party invitation earlier, the thieves plan to return, thinking the house will be cleared of the whole family. Sinclair confides in Jessica and Hughes that the painting they seek is The Widow , a portrait of his great-grandmother and her family that was stolen decades ago. Meanwhile, Finn adventures in the house and finds a spare controller.

He starts playing video games. Searching for new batteries for his controller, he accidentally drops one that rolls down into the basement. Finn has Alexis accompany him in the basement to retrieve it and they find the safe unlocked and a secret room behind it, which houses the painting Sinclair is looking for.

Frightened by the portrait, Finn flees and Alexis accidentally triggers a trap and she ends up locked in the room. As an ongoing snowstorm worsens, Curtis and Catherine are forced to stay at the Christmas party, worrying about their kids at home.

With Alexis locked behind the safe, Finn goes to shop for supplies at a hardware store to break her out, only affording string that is useless. After stumbling across Sinclair, he overhears the trio discuss plans to break into his house.

Rushing home, Finn tells his online video game friend and young college student, Simon Bill Turnbull about the situation, but Simon is initially oblivious to the situation. Finn sets up numerous booby trapsaround the house, and the thieves trigger them off one by one.

The traps Finn set up were ice on the patio a trap from the original film , a snow blower blowing marbles in the garage, a carton full of tar, a coal-filled stocking, some nasty-tasting gingerbread cookies and if the robbers use the sink, cotton balls and flour come flying out.

Soon enough, Curtis and Catherine are able to drive home. Using Finn's gamertag and his parents' credit card details, a concerned Simon contacts them to warn about the danger their kids are in, but they call the police instead after thinking that Simon kidnapped them. Back at the house, Sinclair, Jessica, and Hughes capture Finn and detain him in the van. Sinclair and Hughes go to open the safe. Mason, however, saves Finn by throwing snowballs at Jessica, eventually incapacitating her.

Sinclair and Hughes gain entry to the safe, finding both the painting and Alexis, who threatens to destroy it. Finn flees and frees Alexis, while triggering a trap that locks the duo in the basement as it is seen on Simon's television by Simon and the police officers present.

With Jessica encased inside a snowman, the police arrive to arrest the burglars. As an apology, Finn's parents send Simon a plane ticket to return home and spend Christmas with his family.

Also, Alexis gets a tablet computer and for Finn and his dad, they get a camping guide. Finn decides to take a break from video games and go snowboarding with his friend Mason. The final scene has the criminals have their mug shotstaken at the police station as a female police officer splices a copy of the mug shots into a portrait mug shot.

He was cowardly when he thought there was a ghost in his house, but he became brave after learning that there isn't a ghost. Finn can be kind and caring to his new friend, Mason, his parents, and especially to his sister, Alexis Baxter. In the end, he decides to take a break from video games and starts playing with Mason. Finn Baxter is suddenly home alone when Catherine Baxter and Curtis Baxter go to the Christmas party from her new boss. His sister Alexis Baxter gets trapped in the basement's secret room.

He suddenly discovers the burglar's secret plan. He beats them with the booby traps and they go to prison. Finn then takes a break from video games and plays with Mason. Home Alone Wiki. Home Alone Wiki Explore.

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