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Website: www. Revenues March : Rs The company provides software solutions to many Fortune clients in the manufacturing, and BFSI verticals. It additionally has three lines of businesses-risk management and compliance, SAP consulting, and advanced technology solutions. For the financial year ended March , the company reported impressive figures with consolidated revenues amounting to Rs The net profit for the year was Rs Manufacturing vertical contributed The company has 22 customers who have revenues of over a billion dollars.

The company reported a healthy revenue growth of Rs Revenues earned from services provided in the manufacturing vertical lead from the front, contributing The BFSI and other verticals contributed Net profit for the quarter stood at Rs 8.

The top ten clients including Cummins contributed The Star customers excluding Cummins contributed Going forward, the company expects to earn revenues in the range of Rs crore and Rs We believe that the company is well set to meet its targets and may show a significant growth in the next three to four years. The share of the company presently trades at Rs discounting estimated March and March EPS by 12 and 10 times respectively.

Given the strong growth coupled with margin improvement, we believe that the stock will outperform its peers. No liability is accepted for losses based on the information presented here. Keeping with the trends and predictions for , here is another one from Slack. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Latest news. On the Merger Trail While the technology services markets have recovered, the challenges ahead for mid-market companies remain strong as ever before. Posted by: DQI Bureau.

KPIT has filed 58 patents, [6] published some research papers, and has won several awards for innovation. This was in line with Cummins' decision to reduce its shareholding in KPIT, to focus on its core business of engine and generator manufacturing.

According to the original plan, the shareholders of Birlasoft would receive 22 shares of the combined company for every 9 shares they hold in Birlasoft, and the shareholders of KPIT Technologies would receive 1 share of the new company working under the name of KPIT Technologies, for every share they hold in KPIT Technologies.

The transaction resulted in two publicly traded specialized technology companies KPIT Technologies - focused on automotive engineering and mobility solutions [ buzzword ] ; and Birlasoft focused on IT services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian multinational technology company.

Traded as. Net income. The Economic Times. Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 27 October KPIT Technologies. Retrieved 29 April Retrieved 29 January ComputerWorld India. Retrieved 9 October Retrieved 27 January Outlook Business. Archived from the original on 14 July Knowledge Wharton.

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WebDec 19, KPIT provides software development, IT consulting, and product engineering solutions. The Company offers Oracle services; SAP licensing, consulting, . WebKPIT Cummins needs to increase investment into research and development especially in customer services oriented applications. - Declining market share of KPIT Cummins . WebKPIT was founded in with name called "Kirtaney Pandit Information Technologies" popularly known as KPIT Infosystems, In , it merged with Cummins InfoTech, and .