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Peter crooks carefirst

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The causal influence of sensitive parenting on academic school readiness: Four systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Scapegoating George Soros and the contradictions of activist philanthropy: conspiracy theories in the United States, Hungary, Poland and Canada.

Harnessing the power of big data: impact on strategy and innovation in Canadian SMEs. Transformed intimate relationships and low fertility: Examining the fertility influence of spousal intimate relationships.

Thinking through craft and the digital turn: studio practice, technology, and pedagogy within Canadian art and design universities. The effectiveness of digital video advertising: An empirical investigation of the movie industry.

Individual differences in adult theory of mind: predicting social behaviour and outcomes. Less than ideal education experiments: new strategies to analyze data from randomized experiments in education. White Saviours and Rescue Fantasies? Making and Shaping Trafficking Discourse and Policy. Examining transnational health practices and health care access among older immigrants in Canada. Investigating the transition to agricultural societies in the southern Levant through the study of ground stone tools.

A multi-wave analysis of the National Cannabis Survey: User characteristics, use patterns and behaviour pre- and post-legalization. Farming 4. Lawrence watershed, Fathers' and mothers' playful parenting in the preschool years: Associations with children's socio-affective, socio-cognitive, and selective learning abilities.

The fossil fuel divestment movement: understanding how the energy of campaigns is changing the financing of energy. Christina Rossetti in Music: a study of the literary, musical, historical, and global significance of Rossetti's poetry in musico-literary collaborations.

Visualizing and learning STEM: How might we equitably and inclusively equip learners with Systems Thinking, mental models, and mechanistic reasoning? Internet platforms and the law: toward a Canadian model for online liability and responsibility. Language change and social change in the early 21st century: Canadian English to Self-control failure as by-product of boredom regulation: Testing a motivational model of self-control.

Sustainability ratings and industry response: green building certifications, strategic action, and legislative outcomes. All things are in some joint-arrangement: Aristotle's Natural Teleology and Politics i. Preparing tomorrow's experts today: An exploration of adaptive expertise and deliberate practice in higher education. Youth not engaged in employment, education or training: a discrete choice experiment of intervention outcome preferences.

Consensual and non-consensual sexting in adolescence: Challenging conventional wisdom. Is quality of Early Childhood Education and Care a characteristic of children, educators, classrooms or programs? Trilingualism in French immersion: predictors of reading success and reading difficulty in a third language.

Wisdom to know the difference: Unpacking knowledge of strategy-situation fit and its relationship to context-sensitive meta-cognition. More than a profile pic? Where vulnerability and victimization intersect but escape routes do not: the co-occurrence of animal abuse and intimate partner violence in Canada. Canadian libraries' role in the scholarly communication ecosystem: A study of journal cancellation decision-making at six academic libraries.

Are happy romantic relationships discovered or built? The role of early investment regulation in shaping relationship quality. The impact of violent film and gaming on social cognition as a function of trait empathy. Exercise in Classrooms for Excellence in Learning EXCEL : Optimizing the feasibility, delivery and long-term impact of physically active classrooms on academic outcomes using a mixed-methods approach. A developmental approach to understanding sex and gender differences in the evolution of stress exposure and stress sensitivity.

Men and gender equality: The effect of taking a paternity leave on men's career outcomes. Two steps, triple wins and bus stops: A comparative analysis of skilled migration systems in Canada, Germany and Singapore. Canadian school principals' support of students with special education needs: An examination of critical incidents as a form of professional learning. Supporting resilient outcomes: Understanding the emotional, instrumental and financial contributions of youth in low-income lone-mother households.

Civilian Protection Strategies in Contemporary Peacekeeping. A widening divide? The reality and illusion of political polarization and its impact on intergroup trust and compromise. Silent rivers of oil: Environmental consequences, regulations, and resistance on Canadian oil pipelines since International students in Ontario secondary schools: Policies, protocols, and practices.

Offshore oil exploratory drilling and marine protected areas: Assessing decision-making processes and outcomes in comparative developed state cases. Extreme love: Young people's experiences at the intersection of intimacy and violence in urban India. Impact of firm learning on organizational capabilities: The case of Canadian rail transportation equipment industry in China.

Social impact measurement and accountability for results in the field of homelessness. Directors' and officers' liability insurance, corporate social performance, and tax avoidance. Impervious to Change? A longitudinal exploration of innovation in retirement transitions among baby boomers.

Why Help Natural-Disaster Victims? Inuvialuit voices: cultural heritage preservation and access through digital storytelling in digital libraries. From Ms. Grundy to Peter Parker and beyond: Historicizing, reading, and reinventing the life of the teacher in comics. From the Routley-Meyer semantics to gaggle theory and beyond: The evolution and use of relational semantics for substructural and other intensional logics.

Searching for justice: understanding and building police legitimacy in Toronto's inner city. Embodied occupations: white femininity and the masquerade of indigeneity in erotic dance, In some cases, this diarrhea may last for a few weeks or even months. First, it is very important to understand why you are having diarrhea.

Diarrhea which comes immediately after David L. Crooks M. Update this Profile We verify the medical license of each FindaTopDoc Verified Doctor to ensure that their license is active and they are in good medical standing. Write A Review. Provider Details Male English 27 years of experience. Expert Publications Data provided by the National Library of Medicine Child growth and nutritional status in a high-poverty community in eastern Kentucky.

Depression and cancer: an appraisal of the literature for prevalence, detection, and practice guideline development for psychological interventions. Food consumption, activity, and overweight among elementary school children in an Appalachian Kentucky community.

The importance of symbolic interaction in grounded theory research on women's health. Older women with breast cancer: new understandings through grounded theory research. Strategies for joint appointments. Growth status of school-age Mayan children in Belize, Central America.

In the eye of the beholder: making the most of poster presentations--Part 1. In the eye of the beholder: making the most of poster presentations--Part 2.

Fax: Patient Experience with Dr. Crooks 4. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best Surgeon in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.

Overall Rating. Courteous Staff. Accurate Diagnosis. Bed Side Manner. Would Recommended to Family and Friends. Recommended Articles.

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